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Rolex is one of the most influential luxury jewelry brands in the world. Rolex is so famous, it is almost synonymous with the luxury watch category and a symbol of success itself. No wonder Rolex has been copied in many ways.

We produce high quality fake watches to meet customer needs. We sell Rolex replicas, even trained eyes, and even almost complete replicas of real counterparts. It is impossible to find every fake Rolex by simply observing it.

Rolex were probably not the first to use the Pepsi Bezel either, there are reports of skin divers in the 50s having red and blue adapted bezel watches for descent/assent times etc etc ....

Its an interesting argument in all this that the average replica watch buyer wouldnt care how much it looks or doesnt look like another brand its only a best replica who would really care.

I cant help but think that may be the opposite.

The average person spends at best a couple of hundred quid on a watch and would generally consider paying that much they are getting a decent watch.

To subsequently find out its design is almost a carbon copy of another brand would to say the least leave a bad taste in the mouth as no matter what there would be the issue of forever looking at it thinking its just a second class version of another.

Its really the WIS on the other hand who is happy to own several dozen watches most of which look exactly like the other of various price points.

The other major issue is the actual quality of the replica watch.

Its great all this talk of it looking like this but only costing that but when the watch looks like a divers watch but the bezel doesnt rotate or is only safe to be worn washing your hands it defeats the object.

The case felt weak and flimsy The batons looked like they were put on with a bit of glue from a kids school and were about to fall off everything about it just screamed cheap! Another example of rolex replica watch, again just get felt like a big lump of cheap rubbish.

I dont buy into the moving from Swiss to Chinese or Japanese parts of movements. Most micro brands get their stuff from China even many big brands there are Chinese parts and there are Chinese parts but using poor quality parts can only hurt a company in the long run.

replica watches are actually pretty good at giving you the choice of whether you want to buy into the Swiss quality movements or not, many of their designs they do nigh on identical watches in a basic version or a "les originales" Swiss version for a higher price point if you want to push the boat out a bit.