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Mas Tapiolas Country Lodge

Mediterranean light and calm in the heart of the Empordà

Benefits of booking through our websiteBenefits of booking through our website

Nature and design, in perfect harmony

Rest, silence and fresh air, take it all in while enjoying the warmth and tranquillity of each corner of your room, watching how it melds with the natural setting. Be won over by the Mediterranean setting of the Solius Valley, immersed in its colours, smells and horizons, where you’ll enjoy the calm vibe following nature’s pace.


A natural setting where you can let it all go

Mas Tapiolas Suites

An unforgettable setting just for you

Some silences speak of disconnecting and relaxing, of feeling so refreshed that time seems to stand still. Like the silence while you’re watching nature from your private jacuzzi or the heated pool in your room, with a waterfall and colour therapy to create a unique experience.


A peaceful refuge full of history

Getting used to waking up without an alarm clock and, from bed, watching the gentle breeze ruffle the Solius Valley; to the silence and the magic within the walls of a 13th-century farmhouse, to time standing still in the tranquillity of the spa, to disconnecting to reconnect with yourself in the heart of the Empordà.


Book your room at Mas Tapiolas

Book your stay at Mas Tapiolas Country Lodge or Mas Tapiolas Suites and enjoy the unrivalled setting