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Sallés Hotels

A place for you

Sallés Hotels

Personal service for each guest, making sure they have what they need, is the top priority for all of our accommodations. So, we don’t just offer a pleasant, comfortable room, we offer spaces where you’ll feel at home.

Get comfortable

This idea is the foundation for the design at our Comfort and Collection hotels: for urban destinations or destinations in unique settings, with all the comforts and services, spacious yet cosy, modern yet warm.


Close to you

For us, “close” isn’t just a matter of distance, it’s about how we treat our guests. At Sallés, your stay can be summed up in one word: care. Ensuring your rest, wellness and a great experience at our hotels is our top priority.

At home

Make yourself at home

The bed you’d love to wake up in every morning, a leisurely Sunday breakfast with a bit of everything, a cosy spot to sit and read or have a video chat, it’s all part of the warm comfort you’ll find at our hotels.

Inviting rooms

Our rooms

Large, bright, inviting rooms designed for all sorts of families, here you’ll get a great night’s rest and plan how to enjoy your day.


At your service

Every last detail, at Sallés everything is designed for you to enjoy in maximum comfort: common spaces for relaxing, spacious rooms full of light, our team and even our location.

Sallés Hotels

The Sallés family

Our history starts with one hotel that the Sallés family channelled all their love and dedication into. Today we continue to write that history with 10 hotels in the best locations of the Costa Brava, Barcelona, Malaga, Ciudad Real and Mallorca: four- and five-star hotels with great culinary and wellness offerings to pamper you in every way.

Sallés Hotels

Over 40 years

Our guests are the most important part of our hotels. Because, since we started over 40 years ago, each person who has stayed at Sallés Hotels is part of our history and has made us better. You’ve taught us that when you’re happy, you’ll come back. So, we make our hotels a home where you’ll always find a warm greeting, personalised service, quality and care in the details.

Sallés Hotels

To suit your trip

Based on our experience, we know that no two trips are alike: sometimes you want calm and relaxation in an unrivalled setting, and others you want to be in the heart of the city so you won’t miss a thing. At Sallés Hotels, we have two types of accommodations to suit your trip, Comfort and Collection, creating experiences to remember on each stay.